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Furniss,* Martha Gever (ex officio), Dai Sil Kim-Gibson (chair), Jim Klein, Regge Life,* Tom Luddy,* Lourdes Portillo, Robert Richter (president), Steve Savage,* James Schamus, Barton Weiss, Chuck Workman,* Debra Zimmerman (treasurer). [or] serious damage to or de- struction of property." Unlike the MPAA ratings system, which is voluntary and overseen by the industry, the Fort Worth ordinance would have been law. Herbert Smith from Appalshop in Kentucky noted that in a village you know everybody and everbody 's dog. 64% said they own film or video equipment, and, of these, 45% own equipment valued under ,000, 14% have equipment worth between ,000 and ,000, and 9% reported owning equipment worth over ,000.